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There is another Tony Softli

But ... is he first, accurate, and complete with nothing more than a rudimentary command of basic English grammar?

It's not very often that new discoveries are made. Aside from a few tree frogs in the Amazon, humans have discovered, used and discarded most of the known world. Begin the thawing of Marlin Perkins, we have discovered another Tony Softli.

This Tony Softli is the intramural sports director at the University of Washington, or at least was at some point. His profile makes him sound like a more competent intramural sports director than our Tony Softli was player personnel exec. But the similarities don't stop there.

Like the regionally-known disc jockey, this Softli lives here in these little United States of ours. In fact, he hails from the same neck of the woods: Washington state. Let's put the similarities in a totally scientific bullet list.

  • Both men attended the University of Washington.
  • Both men played key roles at the school. Their Tony Softli mentored students, served on committees. Our Tony Softli was a purchasing assistant there.
  • Football played a key role in the growth and development of both men. Their Tony Softli played football for the Huskies. Our Tony Softli was a student assistant coach, which kinda sounds like laundry aide.

There's also this part ...

Our guy,



And their guy,



Mind. Blown.

But does he have ring with the No. 1 on it?