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Just how important was the Rams' win over the Cardinals?

Enough to inspire a treasure trove of analogies! Here's what the hivemind of fans had to say.

Christian Petersen

A date with the Arizona Cardinals couldn't have come at a better time for the St. Louis Rams. Having endured a five-game winless streak, Jeff Fisher's team needed a bounce back opportunity, and it was waiting there in the desert.

I asked out faithful @TurfShowTimes Twitter followers to help me out with the most apt analogy, asking them to complete this sentence: "Playing the Arizona Cardinals is like _____."

I actually had another post to go here, with the intention of using your tweets to complete my hackish analogy for me. It was a post about Sam Bradford and the Cardinals and Chris Givens. But I just had so much fun with this, that post can hold until this afternoon.

Well done, Rams fans, well done.