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A Wild "What If" Draft Day Scenario

After reading some Cardinals' fans comments today, I was shocked to see how many want to trade one of the best players in the NFL- Larry Fitzgerald.

Christian Petersen

"What If-s" are fun to contemplate, but are rarely ever practical. In this case, these two teams have something the other needs. Picture a Rams wide-out corp featuring Larry Fitzgerald, Danny Amendola, and Chris Givens. (Excuse me will I wipe the drool from my chin...) The Arizona Cardinals have a huge need to improve their offensive line, just as the Rams do. But given the rise of Robert Turner at OG/C, a healthy Scott Wells, a nasty Harvey Dahl and an improving Rodger Saffold, could the Rams get away with trading one of their two first round picks for Fitzgerald?

Look, I seriously doubt the Cardinals would ever trade their lone marquee player, but their wide receiver corp could stand the hit with the rise of Andre Roberts this year. They took Michael Floyd in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, and Early Doucet is a serviceable receiver. Arizona needs at least two - if not three - top tier offensive linemen. Assuming they stay with Kevin Kolb - which isn't a stretch given the weak QB class for 2013 - their focus has to be solidly behind finding linemen.

While I'm all for the Rams using both their first round picks for Luke Joeckel, Jake Matthews or Chance Warmack, the thought of having - arguably - the second best wide receiver in the NFL is interesting. It would probably cost one of the Rams first round picks, as well as a second round choice. Then there's the salary issue with Fitzgerald's new contract being one of the richest ever signed by a wide receiver. He'd be due roughly $17 million a year for the next six years... Gulp!

So let's hear your thoughts. Is a player of Fitz's caliber worth one of the Rams first round draft picks in 2013? Is his contract something the Rams could live with for the next six years?