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Random Ramsdom, 11/26: Blasphemous rumors

If Jeff Fisher ran a cult, could it beat the Cardinals on the road. Yes ... and yes.

Christian Petersen

The last time anyone of note went to Arizona, they were being steamed to death by one of Oprah's gurus. Tell me she's not a cult leader, go ahead, tell me that. If Jeff Fisher led a cult, it would be one wild and wooly affair, a disorganized group for the first 15 minutes of whatever activity the master had planned. After that, he'd bring out the belt, putting his followers in line, telling them to lace up their black Nikes and start preparing for the arrival of the mother ship.

Grade and evaluate me! Jeff Gordon, who sometimes watches the Rams for the Post-Dispatch, graded the team. The defensive line gets the lowest marks of any unit on the team, and rightfully so considering the group could generate no pressure against a Cardinals team it sacked nine times in the last meeting.

Adjust thy zone, sayeth the leader The Rams defense played a shitty first half on Sunday, using the same confusing strategy of wide buffers in coverage the group used so successfully against the Jets. Bernie Miklasz gives the supreme leader a shout out for making the necessary adjustments at the half, tightening up the defense.

Second coming in the second half Did you know that the Rams defense actually bothered to stop Beanie Wells in the second half? Did you know that Sam Bradford didn't suck in the final two quarters? Rams Herd breaks down the stark contrast between two halves ... the numbers will shock you.

Rejoice, or don't, in thy victory Let's not herald this as the dawn of a new Rams team. This was the seventh loss in a row for the Cardinals, but a win is still a win, and this one came on the road, as Patty notes at the Pigskin Arch.

Tony Softli homoerotic tweet of the week:

First half atrocities in GIF form:


Second half celebratory GIF:


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