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Early College Open Thread - Nov. 24

One of the best schedules of the entire season, week 13 offers plenty of key scouting for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Mike Zarrilli

Today might be the best day of the entire season. I'm not sure where to start, so let's just list some of the bigger games in the early slate:

Georgia Tech at #3 Georgia, aka Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate (12 p.m., ESPN)

#19 Michigan at Ohio St. (12 p.m., ABC)

#5 Oregon at #15 Oregon St., aka Civil War (3 p.m., Pac-12 Network)

Auburn at #2 Alabama, aka the Iron Bowl (3:30 p.m., CBS)

#4 Florida at #10 Florida St. (3:30 p.m., ABC)

#21 Oklahoma St. at #13 Oklahoma, aka Bedlam (3:30 p.m., ESPN)

Yikes. This is just the early offerings... There's no way to get all of this done in real time, so let's make it a group effort today.

Van was talking about Jarvis Jones, the Georgia OLB, this morning. It might be worth checking him out for a bit to see how he deals with the Yellow Jackets' triple option defense that can test the discipline of the best defenders.

In the classic Michigan-Ohio State game, OT Taylor Lewan is going to have a lot of people rewatching Michigan games to see if he warrants a top 10 pick. And it's worth noting that Ohio St. would have the BCS on a roasting spit if the Sham Phantom Institution of Technicalities of Nothing, the NCAA (SPIT oN the NCAA), hadn't decided that selling your own property for tattoos is like the worst thing ever, ever (for which Roger Goodell carried over a suspension to the NFL...seriously, that's one of the dumbest things mankind has ever done). But le sigh, tis what tis, friends.

And from 3 to 6? You've got every option on the table. Let's yak it up 2013 NFL Draftnam Style.