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Rams LB Mario Haggan out, no fine for Matt Slauson on the hit

Rams linebacker Mario Haggan suffered a miscarriage of justice last week.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Jets guard Matt Slauson will not get a fine for his hit on St. Louis Rams linebacker Mario Haggan. He probably should, considering it looks an awful lot like spearing. Take a look at how Slauson dives into Haggan on the play.



That's from our friend Chad @squick4n. The hit dislocated Haggan's elbow, and he will not be playing this week, leaving the Rams short a linebacker.

Slauson is a repeat offender. He's also the guy that took out Texans linebacker Brian Cushing in a potentially AFC altering play. Check it out.



A fine for the hit on Haggan isn't going to change the outcome of the game for the Rams. It would be a nice follow up for all the missed calls in that game, including this one.

Fisher was upset about the hit, and he had this to say in his Monday press conference:

"Yeah. Any time there's someone on the ground, someone's diving on somebody and spearing somebody like that, it's an issue. But it looked to me like the injury took place just before that. Not quite sure. We have to go back and look at the exact mechanism."

Have a look for yourself, it's pretty ugly.

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