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Danny Amendola injury: The Rams need big contributions from other receivers

The St. Louis Rams have a lot of expendable players, but with guys like Danny Amendola hurt, the others need to step up.

Jeff Curry

Expendables. That's sort of been the theme for the St. Louis Rams injury reports in recent seasons, with unit after unit taking on incredible amounts of casualties. This week's injury report features a rare thing: a completely healthy offensive line, but elsewhere the picture isn't so rosy. Let's take a look at a key injury that might figure into contract talks in the offseason.

I've seen a few tweets in response to our earlier post about Danny Amendola being "injury prone." It's a dreaded label, one that's sort of like calling quarterbacks elite ... nobody knows what it means.

Amendola's injury last year was just a freak thing. He would have been fine, but rushing back to practice probably made it much worse than the old coaching staff would like to acknowledge. This year he suffered another freak injury, a dislocated clavicle in Week 5, and now he has a foot injury.

Does that make him injury prone? I guess, but what does that label really mean? These are kind of freak accidents, but also the unfortunate side effect of playing as hard as he does. It might get the Rams a slight discount come contract time.

I wonder if having another viable receiver is part of the issue. Maybe getting another constant threat in the same vein as Amendola would take some pressure off.

His replacements, guys like Brandon Gibson and Lance Kendricks, would be expendables on most teams, but the Rams need them to be irreplaceable for the rest of the season.