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Do you need a new man cave? Enter to win

You can enter to win a new TV makeover from Samsung.

Chung Sung-Jun

I don't know how you like to watch the St. Louis Rams. Are you a basement television box with rabbit ears kind of person? Do you prefer something a little more high tech, like a 42-inch television with fancy surround sounds in Dubly (go ahead and see if you get that reference)?

Me, I like to decamp in my office, which is kind of like a man cave, only nerdier, messier and with more cables that I don't know what the hell are for.

I'm probably a pretty good candidate to enter this little sweepstakes and get a whole bunch of new audio visual equipment. Then again, if I entered this here sweep stakes and won, it might reflect poorly on the company. So you should enter to win and then have us all over for snacks at your place. And beer, lots of beer.

Enter the Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes here.