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Scott Wells injury: Rams will have offensive line in tact for first time since Week 1

The St. Louis Rams will have a healthy offensive line this week, for the first time since the opening week of the season.


Health is at least returning to some parts of the St. Louis Rams roster. For the first time since the opening week of the season, the Rams will have all five starting offensive linemen in action. The missing link, Scott Wells, returned to practice this week, and is expected to return to the starting lineup on Sunday against the Cardinals.

"He got through pretty well," head coach Jeff Fisher said of Wells. "He alternated a little bit with Rob (Turner), but for the most part he took most of the reps. It looks like he's got a chance to play a little bit."

Fisher didn't exactly make it crystal clear that Wells would start this week, but in Fisher terminology, it has that feel to it.

Turner will likely move back to the left guard spot, after an outstanding tenure as the fill-in center. If Turner can translate his success in the middle to his immediate left, the Rams could have a very solid interior offensive line going forward.

Wells' return is expected to have more of an impact than just blocking. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer expounded upon the veteran pivot's role in the leadership department as the senior member of the group.

"Obviously, there's a quickness level there," Schottey said Thursday after practice. "Here's a guy that has a wrestling background. He's quick, bunch of experience. I think you put him in there and his ability just to kind of drive the whole ship, take charge and to get on people has been great. I'm real proud of how he's worked throughout the injury, getting his mind caught up. It will be nice to have him out there this week."