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Thanksgiving Day Open NFL Thread

The happiest of turkey days to you all! We have tons of football on tap today, so angle the big screen just so for when you're called to the dinning room. You may also want to only carve the bird during commercials. Trust me on this one...

Leon Halip

We start the day with Houston at Detroit, and the Texans can lock up a post season berth with a win. The Lions will be done as a turkey cooked by my Mom if they lose, so look for a wild game.

Next up will be the Washington RGIIIs against the Dallas Jones. The Redskins need to win to have a chance at the post season, and the Cowboys have to win to save their coach's job.

The Thanksgiving Day finale will feature the Gronk-less New England Patriots against the New York Jets. The wise folks who scheduled this game late knew what they were doing. Think of all the turkey bones you would have thrown away that you can save to throw at the TV? The drinking game for today will be downing a shot of gravy every time you hear the name: TEBOW!

The Turf Show Times crew wishes you all the very best of Thanksgiving holidays.