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Power rankings summary, Week 12: Jettisoned

A poor showing against the New York Jets left the Rams humbled after an embarrassing 27-13 loss. The Power Rankings don't reward the powerless.

Dilip Vishwanat

Happy Thanksgiving, kids. I'm finding it hard to type right now, as I've got a couple different things working. The old school Louisiana rice dressing? Check. Brining turkey? Check. Stuffing? Bruh, that's in the oven right now.

And yet, it just doesn't match up to when I get with the whole fam...but then again, we're on a different level:


Then again, when your family makes its own boudin from scratch...


So, yeah. I'm a fan of Thanksgiving. Food + family + football = fun. Oh, and it doesn't hurt when there's something to sip on. Just saying.

Hope everybody's Thanksgiving is set up to be a good one, boudin or not.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 24.82 (11)
Average change from last week -2.09
Highest ranking (source) 23rd (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 26th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) +1 (SB Nation)
Biggest negative change (source) -6 (Sports Illustrated)

SB Nation: 25th (26th last week)

It's kinda looking like Sam Bradford isn't the answer. Sholudn't he be showing more by now? Or is this on the lack of talent around the Rams offense? I can't figure it out.

ESPN: 26th (23rd)

The Rams have now gone six games without picking off a pass after collecting eight INTs through four games. (Power Poll): 25th (23rd) (Harrison): 26th (21st)

At some point, Sam Bradford has to start playing ball. His career has a Rick Mirer arc to it, at least at this stage. On Sunday, he threw 44 passes ... for 170 yards. Talk about no gas mileage.

CBS Sports: 23rd (21st)

Young teams are going to have games like they had against the Jets. This is all about building to something.

Yahoo! Sports: 25th (22nd)

How does a team go on the road and play the 49ers to a 24-24 tie, a game they easily could have won, only to come home and gets spanked by the JETS? The Rams have not won a game since going over .500 with a 17-3 win over the Cardinals on Oct. 4, a drought that could end when they go on the road to face the Cardinals on Sunday.

Pro Football Talk: 23rd (18th)

Danny Amendola now realizes a tie is much better than losing to the Jets.

Pro Football Weekly: 26th (22nd)

Steven Jackson had only four second-half carries in loss to Jets.

Fox Sports: 26th (24th)

If the opposition can take away Danny Amendola, there isn’t much left to get burned by.

National Football Post: 24th (22nd)

Tough to figure out the Rams after the Jets blew them out at home.

Sports Illustrated: 26th (20th)

The Rams defense has turned into the anti-Bears, going five games now without forcing a turnover. In a related development, the Rams are 0-4-1 in that span. St. Louis has been trying to punch out of its weight class for a while now, but getting back into NFC West play this week (where they are 2-0-1 this season) at Arizona should help snap Jeff Fisher's team out of its stupor.