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Rookie QB Ryan Lindley To Start This Week Against The Rams

Rookie Ryan Lindley will start for the Arizona Cardinals against the St. Louis Rams. Since the Rams sacked Kevin Kolb 9 times the last time these two teams faced off, maybe Lindley should have waited another week to impress the coaches.

Kevin C. Cox

The Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley, will have something to be thankful for this Sunday, Ken Whisenhunt announced today that Ryan will be the starter this week against the Rams.

It's not like Ken had much of a choice deciding on starting the former 6th round pick from San Diego State. With Kevin Kolb still not healthy from his rib injury, and John Skelton coming off a game that even Ryan Leaf would have been disappointed in, the choice was made for him.

Lindley saw his first action last week, when the Cardinals decided to bench Skelton, after he only completed 2-of-6, of his passes, and only threw for 6 yards. He was disappointing, but don't take my word for it, this is what Jess Root, from Revenge Of The Birds had to say about Skelton:

Skelton was in the game for 15 plays offensively. In that time, and in only seven pass attempts, he misfired on throws to four players on short passes (<10 yards). He also missed a wide open Larry Fitzgerald in the end zone on a throw that was not a difficult one to make.

The rookie didn't do much better completing 9-of-24 of his passes against the Falcons and only throwing for 64 yards.

This decision should bold well for the Rams, hoping that they can win their 4th game this season, and having already dominated the Cardinals in their previous match up this season, this game could be what the doctors ordered.