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Random Ramsdom - 11/21 - Trumaine moving up, Plaxico Burress is back in the NFL, and Aaron Curry may be done...

This team stinks. Sad but true...

Dilip Vishwanat

As thrilling as it was to be over .500 early in the good as winning two games in a row against division opponents tantalizing as the close-but-no-cigar games all were...this team stinks.

Although progress has been made (already won more games than last year with six to go), this team still isn't very good. After last week's embarrassing defensive performance (in large part due to no defensive coordinator), this week's game was marred by a poor offensive performance. This week appeared to be in spite of having an experienced offensive coordinator.

I have yet to hear a reason for the out of whack playcalling. Remember, this was a one score game from the beginning until the first minute of the 4th quarter, yet the Rams passed 44 times and ran just 19. What makes this stat far worse than it already appears is that the Rams averaged around 5.6 yards per carry on the ground, while Sam averaged just 3.9 yards per pass attempt. The Jets threw the ball 21 times, the Rams threw it 44. Somehow, the Jets actually had more yards per play at 4.4 vs 4.3.

Jeff Fisher needs to be the one to step in and put Schott in his place. Fisher knows a more than 2-to-1 pass to run ratio in a close game is not the way to win, particularly with a team that struggles on offense like the Rams do. As much as I appreciate the improvement Coach Fisher has brought in for his first season, it's about time he started making the difference in some of these close games.

Alright, on to this week's links...

Rams News

Trumaine Johnson is now the third string cornerback in St. Louis - This would have been big news in the early part of the season when the Rams cornerbacks were getting mentions as being the best in the league. It's still good to see a rookie stepping up and paying dividends early. With Bradley Fletcher's demotion, he's probably playing out his final season in St. Louis

Mike Sando is kind enough to provide us with some bright spots from Sunday - I nearly wept when I read the "bright spot" that a 48 yard kickoff return was the longest since 2010. Some good things though...

Bernie sounds as frustrated with this team as I am - I don't put nearly as much on the defense as he does, though. Yea, Mark Sanchez (he of the under 50% completion) completed 75% of his passes, but the Jets had a nearly 7 minute time of possession advantage, and the defense was faced with dealing with three turnovers from the offense.

Other NFL News

Plaxico is back in the NFL - He's back with his first team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unless I'm confused, he can't block for the quarterback, or play quarterback, so I'm not sure how much this helps the Steelers. I have learned not to doubt Pittsburgh, though.

Aaron Curry may be out of the NFL - What a massive bust this guy has proven to be. Glad the Rams didn't take him back when there was a lot of talk about it.

Kaepernick may be the new starter in San Francisco - Bad news for Rams fans. They may have a quarterback controversy for now, but they'll get it worked out by the time the Rams are competitive. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is really scary. Could dominate the west for the next decade. God, I hate the 49ers...

As usual, thanks for the read and have a Ramtastic day!