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NFL power rankings, Week 12: Reduced Rams relevancy

The Rams just keep slip sliding away.

Dilip Vishwanat

One week you're tying the San Francisco 49ers. The next week, you're making Mark Sanchez look like an all pro. Such is life for the St. Louis Rams, now officially a speed bump for the rest of the NFL, depending on the week. And where to the Rams land in the power rankings following that bout of on-field diarrhea against the Jets?

Irrelevant, that's where they land on the power rankings, almost as irrelevant as power rankings themselves.

Over SB Nation, the Rams landed at No. 25, which is actually up a notch from No. 26 last week.

25. St. Louis Rams (LW: 26, 3-6-1): It's kinda looking like Sam Bradford isn't the answer. Sholudn't he be showing more by now? Or is this on the lack of talent around the Rams offense? I can't figure it out.

Pro Football Talk puts the Rams at No. 23.

23. Rams: Danny Amendola now realizes a tie is much better than losing to the Jets.

So basically, we're looking at power rankings as another version of the standings, where the Rams are in a dog fight to stay out of the NFC West basement.