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St. Louis Rams activate center Scott Wells

The St. Louis Rams could have the starting offensive line in tact for the first time since the opening week of the season.


The St. Louis Rams will activate center Scott Wells this week, bringing the veteran off the injured reserve list and back onto the active roster. Wells could see action in Week 12 against the Cardinals for the first time since Week 1.

Head coach Jeff Fisher was noncommittal when asked Monday whether or not Wells would play this week in Arizona.

"See how the week goes," Fisher said. "See how the week goes for Wells and hope to get him back in the lineup."

Wells has been out of action for awhile, so the Rams will get a feel for just how ready he is to resume his starting job in practice this week. It seems like a stretch to think that he would not recapture his starting job, but the team has the luxury of a Robert Turner playing very well in Wells' place.

If Wells does slide back in this week, Turner would probably move back over to the starting left guard job he gave up when Wells was injured. If Turner plays as well there as he did in the middle, the Rams offensive line could suddenly be a very strong unit in the middle with Turner, Wells and Harvey Dahl blocking. Would that translate to more running in the offensive game plan? We can only hope.