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Random Ramsdom: Rams Stay Random

The best way to describe the play of the Rams thus far would be to call it random. The Rams look like a playoff contender on the road against the 49ers and then crap the bed at home playing the lowly Jets. Random.

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The Rams have baffled on a weekly basis. Sometimes its a good sort of baffled, sometimes it's a bad sort of baffled. Sunday was a bad sort of baffled. The playcalling was dismal, this line play was terrible, and Sam Bradford looked cringe worthy. I think the horse has had enough. On to the links...

In Rams News…

Bradford Falters - Bernie Miklasz weighs in on Sam Bradford. Sam has started 36 games in his NFL career. What have we learned from those 36 games? We have learned that Sam can take a beating. No matter which side you fall on concerning this issue, Miklasz offers some good points.

Rams D Struggles - The last 5 games the Rams defense has been bad. For all the blame Bradford gets, the defenses poor play seems to sneak by. Since week 7 the Rams D is ranked 30th. The Rams defense hasn't forced a single turnover in 5 weeks. That has to be some kind of record. Sure, the Rams cannot get a bounce to go their way, but they also don't strip ball carriers, or force quarterbacks into bad throws. Mike Sando offers a statistical breakdown of the Rams failings on defense.

Defense Knows It Needs To Step Up - Nick Wagoner, senior writer for the Rams, analyzes the Rams lack of forced turnovers. According to Jeff Fisher, forcing turnovers is emphasized every week in practice. Perhaps the Rams need to enlist in Peanut Tillman's punching balls introductory class. I never see the Rams punching at the ball, or aggressively attempting to pry a ball free. Other than Janoris, who in the secondary possesses the ability to break on the ball for an interception? Maybe Finnegan, but he hasn't shown it since the first four games of the season. The Rams need to force turnovers or they will be drafting in the top 5....again.

ProFootballFocus Examines The Rams Jets Game - Bradford graded out poorly on the day. Quintin Mikell was one of few Rams who came out on the plus end of things. Where was Robert Quinn on Sunday? Getting shut down, that is where. The Rams made the Jets look good, and that is very hard to do.

Jets Media Boycott - Bart Scott attempted to lead a revolt against the media following the Rams game. He kept telling teammates to only say "both teams played hard". Thankfully, most Jets know better than to listen to Bart Scott.

49ers Destroy Bears - The Rams tied the 49ers last week in the Bay? No way...didn't happen...couldn't happen...How could a team that got dismantled by the Jets possibly have tied a team that just drubbed the Bears? The Rams need to gain some consistency.

Scott Wells Is Coming Back - I figured I'd end this with some good news. After the offensive lines poor performance on Sunday, they could use the return of a pro-bowl caliber player. The Rams plan to activate Scott Wells this week.

The Rams are getting healthy. Here is the current injury report for the St. Louis Rams.

St. Louis Rams Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Danny Amendola foot 11/19/2012
Darian Stewart knee 11/19/2012

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Scott Wells foot 09/11/2012
Trevor Laws knee 08/27/2012
Rokevious Watkins ankle 09/18/2012
Matt Daniels knee 11/07/2012

The Rams need to bounce back this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. At this point, there isn't a single team in the NFL who would be considered an easy game for the Rams. The Rams are a bad football team. The good news is that they are the youngest team in the NFL and are trending upwards. I feel confident with Snead and Fisher at the helm. This team needs to improve every week if they want to be a playoff contender next year.