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Random Ramsdom: Your Monday Morning Read

When I woke up this morning, I dragged myself to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. While this is normally enough to scare me awake, today I noticed an odd orange tinge to my remaining hair? Then I remembered the Rams-Jets game, and how I'd tried to stick my head in a family-sized bag of Cheetos in an effort to end the pain...

Dilip Vishwanat

CBS Sports' Will Brinson just can't wait to grade Sunday's games. He gave the Rams a "D" for their effort against the Jets, which may be a tad high...

The 2012 Rams defense is better than the 2011 unit? Not by much says's stats machine. So far this year, the Rams' defense has given up an average of 23.7 points per game, versus 25.4 last season. Kind of odd when you think about how the Rams defensive front four includes three first round, and one high 3rd round, draft picks...

Norv Turner may have been a bit ticked off at Danario Alexander for his post touchdown celebration, but what the coach didn't know is DX had a special friend in the crowd. Yes, DCRamFan traveled to watch the player that leaves him all warm and fuzzy.



Antonio Rodger-Cromartie shows why he's so... Overpaid?

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Justin Blackmon picks finally pays off for Jacksonville. I thought I'd throw a bone to all the Rams fans who coveted Blackmon is the 2012 NFL Draft. While he's been less than spectacular so far this year, this game against Houston showed he may just work out after all... He had 236 receiving yard on 13 catches with one touchdown on the day. Not bad, eh?



Arizona benched John Skelton after completing 2 of 7 passes for six yards. Never complain about Sam Bradford when there's quarterbacks in the NFL like the ones the Cardinals have on their roster. Skelton's replacement? That would be Ryan Lindley, a rookie out of San Diego State. He didn't really get the ball rolling though. He completed 9 out of 20 passes for 64 yards. That's right, an NFL team had 70 yards passing in a game that didn't include the name Tebow... In a game where the Arizona defense smacked the Atlanta Falcons around for 6 turnovers - including 5 interceptions - the quarterback play for this team has become beyond sad. How sad? They can't wait for Kevin Kolb to return from injury... Eeeek!

ESPN's Mike Sando really liked what he saw from the Rams against the Jets... Not really, but it's not like I'm beyond using a "lost leader" to get you to read an article, right?

Have a great Monday, and try to put Sunday out of your minds. If you can't, the family-size Cheetos are on aisle 9 at Walmart...