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No Horns Against the Jets

The Rams were downright spanked in St. Louis, losing bad to a woeful Jets team. The Rams were deflated and embarrassed in every way imaginable.

David Welker

Oh boy. This was a team the Rams should've beaten. I'm not saying the Jets as an organization are terrible (I'd hate for Jets fans to think I'm womping on them after a loss), but when Sanchez looks like the other QB in New York, then you didn't do your job at all.

Speaking of not doing your job:

Yo Bradford, Wake the...

Oh. My. God. Bradford was terrible against the Jets. His offensive line didn't help much, considering they are still playing Shelley Smith and Barry Richardson (I think I'm obligated to point out he sucks in every post I write- at least it feels that way). Of course, Bradford was inaccurate, throwing too high, too low and too much like Mark Sanchez.

Bradford was just having an off game after coming out and tearing through the Jets on the first drive. I'm not sure why the Rams played Darryl Richardson on the last few drives, considering how much better a pass blocker Jackson is. But it certainly doesn't help with Bradford checking down in the middle of the field when time is the primary opponent you're facing. Uh, dude, you're down by 14, late in the fourth. Five yards every 30 seconds isn't helping. Throw it away.

After having a terrific game against the 49ers, Bradford played like crap against the Jets. Oh, and that interception? Awful. You can't throw like that in the NFL and expect to hear praise. I thought that the 49ers game might be the game for Bradford. The one in which he eschews all criticism and shows us his dominant mastery of football. Yeah, I know it's never as Hollywood as that. More realistically, it would be a reference point, a starting point, to where things started to get better.

Bradford has had some terrific games in his career. He's also had some awful games in his career. Three years later, we're still wondering when they will stop following each other.

Field Position

Did anyone else notice that the Jets seemingly started in field goal position on every drive? I'm surprised the Rams didn't give up 50 points. The defensive line did a good job of getting pressure early, then things started to fall apart.

I'm not sure who thinks blitzing while your corners are ten yards off is a idea, but it doesn't work. The Rams were gashed on the ground too. It's never a good sign when Shonn Green is racking up huge gains (even though the stat line doesn't show it). The defense was decent- if you want to blame someone, blame the offense and Hekker (who had a so-so outing himself). Of course a team is going to score when they start at midfield the entire game.

Chris Givens is a Really Good Returner [FLAG]

Remember that time the Rams had a kick return for a touchdown? Remember last week when Greg Zuerlein kicked the game winner? Remember last week when Danny Amendola had that huge 80 yard reception? Me neither.

This team is so stupid when it comes to penalties. They are an undisciplined mess. I get being aggressive, but that has nothing to do with the penalties. Aggressiveness has nothing to do with holding, or false starts, or delays of game. Jeff Fisher's stair exercises should be commonplace for the entire team until they stop making stupid mistakes.

Supreme Being Steven Jackson Still Graces the EJD

Is Steven Jackson something else or what? Remember when everyone thought they should trade him? Funny how two weeks changes everything. The only reason why he didn't play much during the second half that I can think of is because the coaching staff wants to keep him fresh. When was the last time he was this quick on his feet this late in the season? I can't remember either. It could very well be that this is a necessary evil, something required to help Jackson stay vintage Jackson.

I Love You, Man*

*Where man is Scott Wells or a center of equal or greater value

The Rams really, really, really need Scott Wells back. This line would be so much better if Robert Turner moved over to guard. He's a serviceable lineman, but having three capable players (or four, depending on your thoughts about on Harvey Dahl) in a row could do wonders for the offense. This makes me feel oddly at ease about the offensive line as a whole; all this means is that Paul Boudreau is incredible.

Also, I feel sorry for Tim Tebow. Give the kid a break Woody! stop ruining his career.

It wasn't easy to talk about this game. I'm sure it's deflating to play excellent and receive a tie against an incredible opponent. It's even more deflating to get crushed by a team with more problems than players. The Rams have some soul searching to do before they embark on the home stretch of the 2012 tour.