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Rams Failingly Flail in Fall to Jets, 27-13

The Rams played a really bad game of football today, and deserved to get the whipping they received. What's more painful is that this test, the first game in which the Rams were favored to win, was a barometer of just where the Rams are and where they're going.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Rams deserved to get the result they did today.

If ever there was a 27-13 scoreline that didn't feel even two touchdowns close, this was it.

Mark Sanchez, the much maligned Tebow-stopping starting QB of the Jets, finished 15/20 for 178 yards and a touchdown. Sam Bradford, the much maligned Bradford-stopping starting QB of the Rams, finished 23/44 for 170 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT and a fumble. If you think their production was similar because their yardage totals are separated by a mere 8 yards, you didn't watch this game.

And let's be honest. Sanchez's finishing line isn't impressive by any means. That it took Bradford more than twice as many attempts to even near his yardage total tells you much of what you need to know - the offense sucked today. Big time.

Steven Jackson did his part to impress, racking up 81 yards on just 13 carries (yes, a 6.23 yards per carry is impressive as hell). Outside of Jackson? It was a mess. The Jets tallied just one sack, though that's misleading as Bradford's experience allowed him to throw out of four or so would-be sacks.

The defense wasn't all that poor, considering the conditions they were forced to work under. Of the Rams' 12 drives, none started in Jets territory. Just three started beyond their own 20-yard line. The Jets, on the other hand, had five drives start in Jets territory out of 11 drives (throw out the drives at the end of each half). And of those 11, how many started at our inside their own 20? Two.

Don't be all that upset at the players on defense. Be upset with their coaches, who sat the corners 10 yards off the line. Be upset with the offense that bungled away opportunities with regularity. Be upset with the penalties, of which the Rams had five and the Jets three, home field advantage be damned.

Be upset with everyone and everything. This, the first game of the season in which the Rams were favored to win, was a test.

We failed.