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Jets vs. Rams thoughts in one easy GIF

One GIF to say it all.

The St. Louis Rams have had a good run at home so far this season, so let's hope that continues today against a Jets team that they should beat. Mark Sanchez is at quarterback, and as big of a joke as that offense is, they do occasionally pull one out. As Tyler said, it's nothing to take for granted.

That said, I fully expect the Rams to play a much better game even than what they did last week in San Fran, a game that they should have had in the bag were it not for so many (13!) dumb penalties.

Throttling the Jets would be a very nice way to renew the team's 2012 fortunes and make fans feel good about where things are headed this season and in the seasons beyond that.

Let's all take a cue from linebacker Mario Haggan, and dance!



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