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St. Louis Rams - New York Jets Live Game Thread

The Rams welcome the Jets to the Edward Jones Dome today. Yes, some may call them the New York Tebow's or a media inspired circus, but if you look closer you'll see a team loaded with talent on defense.

Dilip Vishwanat

This game will once again be a battle of two strong defenses. While the Rams offense led by Sam Bradford is starting to show spark, the Jets' - led by "Mark Sanchez con Tebow" has struggled. Both teams' defensive units feature good pass rushes and secondaries. The over/under for this game according to Yahoo Sports is 39, and the Rams are favored by 3 1/2 points.

So after being away from the EJD for a month, the Rams come home to find another AFC East foe. They're 0-2 against the East this season. The Jets are desperate for a win today, and the jobs of their head coach and starting quarterback could be on the line today.

It's time to place that every quarter pizza delivery schedule, and position your Lazy Boy in front of the big screen TV. The Dome will be rockin' in St. Louis, and the Rams need this win for any remaining hope of a postseason chance.

Enjoy the game!


RS: Rams lead series, 9-3

1970—Jets, 31-20 (LA)

1974—Rams, 20-13 (NY)

1980—Rams, 38-13 (LA)

1983—Jets, 27-24 (NY) OT

1986—Rams, 17-3 (NY)

1989—Rams, 38-14 (LA)

1992—Rams, 18-10 (LA)

1995—Rams, 23-20 (NY)

1998—Rams, 30-10 (StL)

2001—Rams, 34-14 (NY)

2004—Rams, 32-29 (StL) OT

2008—Jets, 47-3 (NY)

(RS Pts.—Rams 297, Jets 231)

*Franchise in Los Angeles prior to 1995