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Jets vs. Rams: Preview, predictions, how to watch the game

The St. Louis Rams have a date with the struggling New York Jets.

Brian Bahr

The St. Louis Rams are finally home, the team's real outdated, publicly maintained home, not some London getaway. The New York Jets are in town to face the Rams in what should be a fourth win for St. Louis. But nothing's easy these days, not even a game against Mark Sanchez.

For a full and complete preview, check out SB Nation, which throws out this little prediction:

The Jets have been an unmitigated disaster recently, but, other than the surprising tie last week against the 49ers, so have the Rams. It would be great for Jets fans if Mark Sanchez were the type of player to respond to excess criticism and doubts with a classic, show-me performance, but he's had four years in the league and maybe two or three games like that. I have little confidence in the Rams either, but they're at home, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Rams 17, Jets 13

The game will be broadcast on CBS. For more information about how to watch it online, check out this post.

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