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Jets vs. Rams: Brian Schottenheimer, Mark Sanchez together again

The New York media was still taking shots at the Jets on Sunday morning.

Ah, New York City. When it has electricity, it's got anything and everything you could want. It also has the most unforgiving sports media of any place in America, with the possible exception of Philadelphia which doesn't count because it exists strictly in NYC's shadow. The tabloids have been particularly hard on the New York Jets, visiting St. Louis this week for a last-chance game against the Rams.

The New York Post combined targets on the sports cover in Sunday's edition, taking aim at struggling quarterback Mark Sanchez as well as fired offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. You can see the results above.

I love it when NY teams come to St. Louis because you get such a stark contrast to the local market. Half the talk radio stations in St. Louis are on the payroll of the pro franchises, and a Rams press conference during baseball season will involve no fewer than three questions (out of 15 total) about the Cardinals.

Imagine for a moment the local sports teams had this kind of scrutiny.