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St. Louis Rams: Jet Strong Defensive Line Will Challenge Rams

While fans and the media focus on whether the Jets should Tebow, the team's defense is being overlooked by many. Would it surprise you to learn the Jets have some of the highest ranked defensive linemen in the NFL?

Gregory Shamus

The Rams have a daunting task ahead of them today with the visiting New York Jets. Fresh off of a stellar performance in San Francisco that led to a tie, the Rams have one of the better defensive line in the NFL coming to town. Ever heard the name Mike Devito? While not related to the Danny Devito, he's as big as a taxi, and you can bet his meter will be running in a must-win game for the Jets. Ranked #13 by, he's quietly become a dominate force at defensive end. How good is he? Well, rookie standout Quinton Coples is ranked #90. Then there's defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson, he's ranked #3 in the NFL.

The Jets also have the #6 ranked pass defense in the league. Led by Antonio Cromartie, their secondary is the best in the AFC East. Since the Rams haven't fare all that well against the Brady Division, this game could be yet another Sunday for the Rams to dig deep against the 9th top notch defense they've had to face in 2012.

If there's a weakness for the Jets defense, it's against the run where they rank 30th. In fact, while the Jets defense doesn't appear to be as strong as the 49ers', I think the game plan from last week fits nicely into this game too. Running the ball will be key, and Steven Jackson will need to pound the ball today.

I really hope the Rams don't take this game lightly. This game has huge overtones for the Jets. The coaching staff is under siege, their starting quarterback is being hounded by the press, and the team's owner is being pressed to make changes to get the Jets back on track. While the Rams are a 3 1/2 point favorite - if there could possibly be a trap game for St. Louis - this is it.