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St. Louis Rams considering new uniforms

The St. Louis Rams are thinking of making some changes to the way the team looks.

The St. Louis Rams could be in line for some new uniforms in the near future, new old uniforms that is. Team COO Kevin Demoff sat down with Bernie Miklasz on 101 ESPN Friday to discuss a range of issues, and new duds happened to be on the agenda.

Demoff said that the team is leaning toward bringing back the old blue and white uniforms, from the 1960s and early 1970s.

Getting new uniforms isn't as easy as just putting on a new shirt. The league, being ever so conscious about its brand identity, requires a pretty thorough and lengthy process to change uniforms. Demoff said that the Rams would start by instituting those as throwbacks in 2014 and transitioning after that season. Hopefully, the team won't be in Los Angeles too at that point ... which is doubtful.

Update: To be clear, Demoff told TST that the Rams were only considering the new unis, and 2014 would be the earliest the team could start down that path. The classic blue and gold unis are in play for the Rams too.

Above is a shot Roman Gabriel and the Rams in those old unis from the cover of Sports Illustrated in October 1966.

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