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New York Jets, 'the Chicago Cubs of football'

Former Jets lineman Robert Turner made a stark comparison for his old team.

Nick Laham

St. Louis Rams center Robert Turner knows how to give a hungry public some raw meat, especially in St. Louis. The former Jets offensive lineman told reporters ahead of Gang Green's visit that the Jets were "the Chicago Cubs of football."

That roar you heard was half of the city cheering.

Here's the full quote from the New York Post:

"People there want results and expect results, and right down the road we had the Giants who won [two] Super Bowls, so the expectations are there.

"The Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since '62 or '61 [actually, 1969], so they're hungry for one. It's the Cubs of football."

Okay, so it's not quite as incendiary as it sounds at first blush, but it's still pretty awesome for sports fans in this city.

The Jets have lost three straight games. Both the Rams and the Jets have the same number of wins this season, three. The Cubs, er, the Jets and Rams might be trending in different directions, but this week's game is nothing to take for granted.