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St. Louis Rams 2013 free agents: Danny Amendola isn't going anywhere

Sam Bradford's favorite target is not leaving the Rams anytime soon.

Joe Robbins

It doesn't sound like getting a deal done with Danny Amendola is going to be a big problem for the St. Louis Rams this year. Just ask Danny Amendola how he feels about staying on board beyond the 2012 season.

From an interview with Pro Football Talk:

"I want to stay in St. Louis, this is my home, this is where I have everything. I love St. Louis; I want to be here. I understand that the business aspect may take guys away from where they want to be and it's some thing to look forward to and it's gonna be an interesting outcome I'm sure."

He also said he doesn't care if he gets the franchise tag. Of course, a $10 million deal would be a big raise over his current RFA tender which doesn't even pay him $2 million this year. I doubt it comes to that. With that kind of willingness and loyalty, getting a deal done should be a slam dunk.

Here's the video:

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