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Rams Vs. Jets: Come One, Come All

Come see the circus that is the New York Jets! Fans should be excited about Sunday's upcoming game and need to come to the dome in droves! Not only should fans come to support the Rams, but also to help the Rams continue the ongoing humiliation of the Jets.

Andrew Burton

Come one, come all, come see the mighty Jets downfall!

The Jets, once a storied franchise a franchise constantly being discussed within the media, are on the precipice of their season's demise! The vaunted Tim Tebow was just denied the starting job by his teammates. Members of the team have resorted to anonymous bashing of one another, and Rex Ryan is giving his team a two percent chance to make the playoffs! Sounds like Rex's goal to work on locker room cohesiveness has really paid off.

The Jets could use the sage advice of my former football coach who said, "don't point those guns inwards boys, point them out".

He also left me with sage wisdom such as:

"Success comes before work…only in the dictionary"

"Quit looking at me with them hog eyes....I got no slop to feed you"

"Are you hurt or are you injured?"

"You owe the ticket takers 5 dollars for admission because all you did was watch the game"

"Being early is being on time, being on time is being late and being late is being rude"

But those are besides the point.

It is the duty of the Rams coaches, players and fans to continue the downfall of the once mighty Jets. I expect Rams players and coaches to be hungry after last weeks disheartening tie. I expect to see Rams fans come out in droves to support a team that is desperately in need of backing.

As of today, the Rams are 29th in attendance, drawing a dismal 56,546 fans per week. The organization has made an effort to put a better product on the field this year, and Sunday is our chance to reward them!

Let's help the Rams snap this losing streak! I know the Rams tied last week, but you can't tell me that it doesn't feel like a loss. Grab some tickets, take your buddy or significant other, and enjoy the comedy that is the 2012 New York Jets.



J...E...T...S...LOL, LOL, LOL