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St. Louis Rams rookies Chris Givens, Janoris Jenkins will return this week, may not start

Jeff Fisher merited out a little discipline to a pair of rookie starters last week. Those two will return this week, but in what role?


Janoris Jenkins and Chris Givens practiced with the St. Louis Rams on Wednesday afternoon. Head coach Jeff Fisher told the media following the practice session that both rookies will suit up this week against the New York Jets. Fisher was less certain whether or not the two would resume their starting roles in Week 11.

News that Givens and Jenkins had run afoul of team rules broke Sunday morning, prior to the Rams' Week 10 date with the 49ers. Both ended up on the inactive list for that game. Defensive tackle Kellen Heard was released outright, all for something that happened on the road in San Francisco.

What exactly the players did is the subject of much whispering. There were reports that it was a curfew violation and others saying that it was more serious. Whatever they did, it was enough to get one cut and two starters bumped down the depth chart.

Givens' role in the offense had grown into that of a starter while Danny Amendola was on the shelf. His playmaking ability has been a refreshing addition to the offense, but a play designed for Givens that resulted in a touchdown to Brian Quick last week was another reminder that no man is bigger than the team.

Jenkins has been a key player in the Rams secondary, but he has struggled since a Week 6 loss to the Dolphins. In fact, Jenkins' struggles coincided with a three-game losing streak, culminating in Tom Brady's dissection of the Rams backfield in Week 8. It makes you wonder if Jenkins hasn't been distracted.