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Ranking the St. Louis Rams' remaining schedule

The St. Louis Rams have seven more games on the agenda this season. How difficult are they?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The St. Louis Rams have seven games left in the season. The playoffs might be out of the picture, but few more wins would be ideal. The remaining schedule will also have implications for April, when the Rams have two first-round picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. So what's the strength of schedule looking like?

Our friends over at Blogging the Beast (dedicated to the NFC East), rundown the strength of schedule for all 32 NFL teams with seven weeks left in the season. The Rams are right in the middle, even on the easy side of the middle slightly.

The Rams' remaining schedule is ranked 17th. The seven teams still on the docket have a combined win percentage of .485. Right now, the only teams on the list with winning records are the 49ers (at home in Week 13), the Vikings (home in Week 15) and the Seahawks (on the road in Week 17).

This week, St. Louis has a very winnable game with the Jets, followed by a road trip to Arizona.

Washington's schedule is ranked 24th, with RGIII's remaining opponents sitting on a combined win percentage of .453. Five of the Redskins' last seven games are against NFC East rivals, including the sinking Eagles and water-treading Cowboys. Washington has one more against the Giants and non-conference games against the Browns and Ravens. In short, Washington could still pick up a few wins, pushing one of the Rams' second-round picks out of the top 10.

Here's the Rams remaining schedule: