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New York Jets players don't like Tim Tebow, prefer losing

The New York Jets are throwing someone under the bus again this week, anonymously, and it's a name you might have heard before.

Alex Trautwig

"He's terrible."

I wish that the St. Louis Rams played the New York Jets more frequently, because as a football writer I can't get enough of the organizational dysfunction happening under Woody Johnson. That quote above, the latest gusher from the leaky faucet that is the Jets' locker room, is one of Tim Tebow's teammates firing an anonymous arrow at Woody's dressage horse in the New York Daily News.

Yes, whoever said that about Tebow is correct, but it's still a pretty classes move, if for nothing else than giving ESPN even more license to run wild with the non-story of the millennium.

Jets guard Matt Slauson took a more direct approach, writing off Tebow as a quarterback. Of course, Slauson, taking a cue from Rex Ryan, doubles down on the team's commitment to Mark Sanchez, which says a lot about why the Jets are where they are.

"It's not even close. All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don't really have a choice."

He then clarified the team's depth chart, noting that Greg McElroy is the only other quarterback on the roster.

"We have Greg . . . and we have an athlete."

Tebow aside, the Jets might be better off with Greg under center. Sanchez is completing 52 percent of his passes, with nine interceptions, four of those coming in the red zone.

The article goes on to say that nobody on the team wants Tebow to take over as the starter, even his defenders. Listening to Rex Ryan talk, it sounds to me like the Jets coaching staff has no clue on what to do with Tebow, who is a gifted athlete capable of providing a team with more than two trick snaps a game, love him or hate him.

Fans inside the Ed Jones Dome will not see Tebow this week, at least not for more than a few confused plays from Tony Sparano. As a Rams fan, I welcome the opportunity to play against Mark Sanchez. If I were a Jets fan, I'd be pretty furious that the coaching staff isn't doing something beyond clinging to its failures to get a 3-6 team moving again.