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Tony Softli assesses Danny Amendola with a 'total complement'

Just how important is Danny Amendola to the Rams? Let Tony Softli explain.

Football is a complex business. Sometimes, it takes decades of knowledge to understand the ins and outs of the game, especially when it comes to play evaluation. Fortunately, we have 101 ESPN's very own "insider" Tony Softli to translate for us regular folks, the "outsiders" if you will.

Punditry's most famous (fake) mustache put his skills on display Tuesday morning, assessing Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola. Let's take a look.

If you have ever heard me talk about evaluating college and NFL players, you know I slot players by color (Blue, Red, Orange, Green), Danny Amendola is a Blue.

If we used a similar system to grade local media personalities, Tony Softli would be a "green." If he could ever stop his full frontal assault on grammar, he might be an "orange." I'm not sure why player "slots" would be capitalized, but perhaps another run-on sentence would explain.

But let's stick to Danny Amendola. This is my favorite part of the analysis.

I have nicknamed him the "human crash dummy", which is a total complement, it's the respect I give to those players that are extremely competitive each and every time they touch the field regardless if its practice or a game.

It's a "total complement," you guys.

Respect among NFL players is not given to you, it is something that you earn and Amendola has earned the respect of both his teammates and peers around the NFL. When on the field he is a impact player and without him there is a difference.

Again, to remind you, this is not someone's seventh-grade book report on Danny Amendola.

If you have additional brain cells that you'd like to get rid of, there's plenty more passive voice and confused commas waiting for you over at, "unique football content from a front-office point of view."