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Rams vs. 49ers: Breaking down some fine blocking

Steven Jackson's touchdown in Week 10 looked easy thanks to some excellent blocking by his teammates.

Brian Bahr

It's hard to say enough positive about Steven Jackson's performance against the 49ers last week. The St. Louis Rams leaned hard on the veteran running back for the first time all season, and the move paid big dividends. Jackson topped 100 yards for the first time this season and scored one of three touchdowns the Rams scored in a 24-24 tie with the division leaders.

Jackson's touchdown was beautiful for its simplicity, the stuff Marty Schottenheimer dreams about at night. I half suspect Brian did this as an early Christmas present for his old man.

First-and-7 from the 49ers 7-yard line, the Rams do what has become the unthinkable: they run the ball. You can't really see the formation here, but the Rams have three tight ends on the field. Two of them are lined up next to Barry Richardson on the right. Lance Kendricks is in the backfield lined up as an offset back. Danny Amendola is lined up outside on the left.

Harvey Dahl goes out the second level and blocks Patrick Willis. Robert Turner does the same with Navarro Bowman, and both interior linemen push their guys to the outside, opening up the lane like a flower. The key block is Kendricks, who takes on nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to clear the lane entirely.



A great play all around, perfectly executed, and Jackson punches it for the touchdown, putting the Rams up 14-0.