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St. Louis Rams: Penalties Cost Rams

Penalties cost the Rams a win. Penalties also ended up costing Sam Bradford a season defining moment. He made the play to silence his critics, but it was negated by a gaff on Brandon Gibson's part.

Brian Bahr

Remember when I said penalties and turnovers tell the tale? Well the Rams took that as a challenge.

Before Sunday, the Rams had a season high of 12 penalties on two different occasions - vs New England and against Miami - both losses. The Rams surpassed that mark against the Niners yesterday, tallying 13 penalties for 85 yards. But those numbers don't tell the whole story.

A game winning kick was negated, a game winning catch was called back, and this is all coming off of a bye week. Who's job was it to make sure the kick got off on time? The blame on the internet seems to be spread out evenly, but according to Mike Sando, Johnny Hekker accepted all of it. Regardless of who's fault it is, this kind of mistake should never happen, especially coming off of a bye week.

The most frustrating penalty for me was the bomb Sam through to Danny getting called back. Brandon Gibson failed to line up on the line of scrimmage, which made Roger Saffold eligible, who didn't report eligible. I wish I could offer an explanation for Gibson, but there isn't one. That is a mistake that PeeWee football players don't make. Inexcusable. And more than that, he robbed Sam and Danny of a season defining moment. Sam made the play that everyone has been waiting for, and Danny made the catch that fully displays his toughness. Brandon Gibson ruined it.



I have a delay of game/illegal procedure hangover today, and it won't go away.