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After a game like that one, many of us are left not sure on how to feel. Should we be happy the Rams hung with such a good team? Or should we be upset that the Rams blew the game twice?

Thearon W. Henderson

Are you stunned after the Rams' tie game? Is your head sore from banging it against a hard object? You aren't alone.

The Rams are leaving San Francisco with a tie, yet it feels more like a loss. Two game changing procedural penalties are part of the reason for that. The Rams kicked a game winning field goal from the 53 to win it, only to have it called back for a delay of game. That was not long after the Rams had completed a BOMB to Danny Amendola deep into 49er's territory which was called back due to Brandon Gibson not lining up correctly. As you can imagine, Rams fans and players alike are feeling a bit conflicted with the outcome.

Rams Reactions:



Rams players seem as disappointed and stunned as we fans do. Heck, Amendola didn't even know it was over after the first OT; he was expecting a second overtime to start.

The rematch cannot come soon enough, and Kendall Langford agrees.

@sincere360s:@KendallLangford good game homie guess we will have to settle this in dec 3"

This game will need time to digest. At least I can take solace in the fact that the Rams players are feeling the same way I do. If Johnny Hot Hands has faith in the guys in the Rams lockernroom, then I do too.