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Rams WR Danny Amendola was ready for more overtime

The end of the Rams game came as a surprise to Danny Amendola.


Nobody was more upset about the St. Louis Rams getting an 80-yard catch called back in overtime than Danny Amendola, the man who caught the ball that should have set up a game-winning score. He thought the Rams would get another shot after the first overtime period ended, er, the only overtime period. Amendola was slightly confused on the league's new overtime rules for regular season games.

Amendola's always ready to get back on the field, broken bones, separated clavicle or whatever.

Oh, and he wasn't very happy with the play getting called back either. Just watch.



At some point, you could start a Tumblr or Amendola throwing things, like his helmet following the injury in Week 5 and now this poor Gatorade bottle.