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St. Louis Rams - San Francisco 49ers Second Half Game Thread

The Rams went into the locker room with a 14-7 lead. This is actually happening.

Brian Bahr

Well, that went just as nobody predicted.

The Rams' defense played stiff, physical football for an entire half, limiting the 49ers to just seven points and taking advantages of some penalties that went their way.

Sure, the obvious notes are that the running game has impressed against arguably the best running defense in the NFL. Brian Quick working his way into the end zone? Impossible to not enjoy as a Rams fan. The fake punt out of the end zone? Successful, yes; ballsier, moreso. But the major story here is injuries.

49ers QB Alex Smith will sit the rest of the game out with a concussion. Danny Amendola had to sit out the waning moments of the first half. And while DT Kendall Langford was shaken up as he was held earlier, it's the first two that will have the greatest effect in the second half.

There's plenty to be optimistic about. There's plenty to be worried about too. But the Rams up a touchdown on the road against the Niners? That's as good as any of us could have hoped for.