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The team picks the fantastic Sunday night game between Chicago and Houston

Forte or Foster? Schaub or Cutler? Watt or Tillman? What a game!

Wesley Hitt

We posted our early games picks this morning, with the team TST picks brought to you by DBCouver. Let's learn a bit more about him right now!


I'm also known as Doug Beers

I grew up in Oregon but now live in Vancouver Washington

I'm a Ram fan since 1974. I also like the Giants, Lions, Skins and Packers. I liked the Shehawks until they came over to our conference.

My favorite football food is Budweiser. But I'm also fond of Chicken and chili fries.

My favorite sports story is kind of a tough one. I guess it has to be this:

When I was a senior in high school I was on a terrible team. We went 2-8 on the year. I played TE and had 4 TDs on the year, but was mostly an inline blocker. It was 1979 and we got clobbered during our Homecoming game 38-8 or something like that. I got one of my TDs in that game but played most of the game pissed off because of how crappy we were doing.

Anyways, I scored again later after the HC dance, hehehehehe. Then proceeded to drink until about 3am, bringing my date home late and not even getting out of the car and walking her up to the door. She was laughing so hard and all I wanted to do was get out of there, before anyone saw who was dumping off the drunk highschool chick.

I then went home and showered and jumped on a bus for a scheduled band trip to Corvallis for OSU band day. I passed out and found out later that I woke up and stopped the bus in the Columbia River Gorge so I could Puke out the TJ Swan I rented for the previous nights festivities. Good thing for me when we got to Corvallis we found out that the Band Day part of the halftime show had been cancelled. Woooohoooo. I went back on the bus to finish my passout hangover the way God intended.

That's that for that, thanks.....Doug

That might be my favorite football story of the whole year. Oh 1970s high school...

Texans vs Bears

3K: Houston. I'm not buying Chicago. They only beat Detroit 13-7 despite the Lions gifting them three fumbles. They're the anti-Detroit - the defense is strong enough to put them in playoff contention, but the offense is too unpredictable.

DCRamFan: Two of the premier defenses facing off makes this a very intriguing matchup. It's easy, especially after last week's trouncing of the Titans, to be intimidated by the Bears. The Texans rank 3rd in the entire NFL for total defense, though. Additionally, the Bears boast the 25th overall offense in the league. The Bears are good. The Texans best them this Sunday.

Douglas M: Chicago's defense may set a record for scoring by season's end. On offense, Forte is health, and Cutler is hitting Brandon Marshall often. Houston can't score the points to compete with the Bears. Bears win.

Rick Siegel: I think the Texans can win a steady, controlled game against the Bears. If I was coaching Chicago, I would come out for the first 3 or 4 drives in no huddle, try to take the Houston running game out of the game early. I don't think the Bears coaches have the balls to go through with that. They play a grind it out game, but lose to the one team that might do it better. Houston wins.

DBCouver: This is definitely the best game of the week. Chicago has been agonizing over the last few years since their last SB appearance having at least some but never all of the parts they needed to return. Well now it appears they have a QB and a primary receiver finally, and no one benefits more than Matt Forte. It's unreal that Cutler fills this role for them but I guess he always had the ability under that walking frown.

Chicagos defense is spectacular this year and should probably propel them to the NFC championship game this year. I think they're that good. The problem is, Houston is better. The Texans don't let Ryan get sacked and their passing game shows it. They also don't turn the ball over. These are important traits on the road and will help the Texans along with the TD machine that is Arian Foster. Houston by 3.