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Rams at 49ers: Five Players to Watch

Hey Rams fans! It's been a while since I've seen – not literally – y'all. Last time we spoke, the boys were overseas in the UK getting their ass handed to them. Two weeks later, the Rams are getting ready to start the second half of the season. They will be facing off against division rival San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Robbins

The Rams are healthier coming into this game with a few offensive starters coming back. Of course, a few of those returning players made my players to watch list:

WR Danny Amendola

It's been a while since Danny last set foot on the field. His last catch was this awesome 44-yard-er in the Thursday Night game versus the then-undefeated Arizona Cardinals. A few drives later (or was it the drive after?), he sustained a nasty shoulder injury. The offense – though it never was pretty – began to sputter.

With his return, the Rams will have someone to work the short and intermediate routes. On top of that, Amendola has added on a couple of big gains this season. Lets see how Danny A. does on his first game back.

WR Chris Givens

For the past few weeks, the Rams' offense has been Givens. He's the team's only big play threat. The return of Amendola opens up even more space on the field for Givens and his big plays. The defenses will have more than just one receiver to cover. What CG13 needs to do is be more consistent throughout the entire game. He tends to have one big play – usually of the 50 plus yards variety – and then fade away.

RB Steven Jackson

Jackson made it past last week's trade deadline ordeal. Rumors had him leaving, but he's still here. Will all the trade talks light a metaphorical fire under him, causing him to go off for 140 yards with a 5.5 average? Highly unlikely. I do think "AxJack" will be more effective and see his touches increase.

LT Roger Saffold

Saffold is another returning starter to this woeful offense. He's been out since the second game of the season with a knee injury. His return to the offensive line, along with Scott Wells' (is he returning? I checked Jim Thomas' twitter feed and didn't see him on Friday's injury report), is a good thing for Sam Bradford. It ensures he'll be able to stay upright a tad-bit longer.

DT Michael Brockers

For the first time this year, the Rams' defense is facing a team with a running game that is better than the pass offense. Frank Gore has 656 yards and four touchdowns. Gore's backup, Kendall Hunter, has 301 yards along with a score. The scary stat about these two is that they both are averaging over five yards per carry – 5.5 and 5.0 respectively.

Brockers, and the entire defensive line, need to be more stout at the point of attack. Brockers, in particular, needs to do a better job at clogging up running lanes and demanding double teams.