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NFL picks, Week 9: Panthers, Broncos and Dolphins all look like winners this week

Which teams will win in Week 9 of the NFL season? Glad you asked.


Alright, get your wallets out because here are my can't miss NFL picks for Week 9. The Rams are on a bye, so sit back and enjoy a little football for a change.

Chiefs vs. Chargers

Are you really going to watch this game? Really?

The pick: Chiefs

Cardinals vs. Packers

Man, what a deal for the Packers, they get the Rams, Jaguars and Cardinals to help get their season back on track.

The pick: Packers

Lions vs. Jaguars

Detroit looks like it's rolling right now, or about to ... maybe. Doubtlessly the addition of Mike Thomas will put them into the Super Bowl; after all, Tony Softli compared Thomas to Panthers WR Steve Smith (at the 7:35 mark of the audio in that link).

The pick: Lions

Bears vs. Titans

The Titans probably wonder why they parted ways with Jeff Fisher.

The pick: Bears

Broncos vs. Bengals

Denver is making a case to be the second best team in the AFC, behind Houston. The Bengals were supposed to make the playoffs this year.

The pick: Broncos

Panthers vs. Redskins

If you believe in momentum, the Panthers ought to be in fine form after almost knocking off the Bears last week. The awful Redskins defense will be no match for Cam Newton.

The pick: Panthers

Ravens vs. Browns

These aren't the same Browns from the beginning of the season, even with lame duck head coach Pat Shurmur. These aren't the same Ravens either, but the Browns are much closer to being their old selves.

The pick: Ravens

Dolphins vs. Colts

The Dolphins are pretty good now. Obviously they are since they beat the Rams.

The pick: Dolphins

Bills vs. Texans

Someone from the Bills might actually be crushed in this game.

The pick: Texans

Vikings vs. Seahawks

The smart pick is the Seattle defense at home. I can't in good conscious make that pick.

The pick: Vikings

Buccaneers vs. Raiders

Tampa Bay can score points now. I wish the Rams could too.

The pick: Buccaneers

Steelers vs. Giants

Take away Atlanta's record, and the Giants might be the best team in the NFC now.

The pick: Giants

Cowboys vs. Falcons

Tony Romo has one game this season without an interception. One.

The pick: Falcons

Eagles vs. Saints

Nnamdi isn't even playing at a league-average level right now. Andy Reid is lying about never considering benching Vick. The Eagles are a disaster ... and it's kind of funny.

The pick: Saints

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