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St. Louis Rams: The Only Ram on the Pro Football Focus Mid-Season All Pro Team is...

The Pro Football Focus mid season All-Pro team is out, and Greg Zuerlein is the sole Ram to make the squad.

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Dilip Vishwanat

Young Greg has made a splash in his rookie season. He's made 17 of 20 kicks for an 85% success rate. Yea! No, really - Yea! We've got a great... Kicker? You may want to ask ramdude or DC, but I think this may be kind of like kissing your sister?

Zuerlien has made an impact for the Rams this season. He's changed the way teams play defense against the Ram as they approach mid-field. The best example of this was in the Arizona game. The Rams were just past mid-field and failed to convert a third down attempt. A penalty on the Rams during the play offered Arizona a chance to move the ball back 10 yards and replay the down, or decline and make it 4th down. The Cardinals' head coach Ken Whisenhunt elected to take the penalty to move the Rams out of Zuerlein's field goal range. The kick would have been a 61 yard attempt had Arizona declined the penalty. That's some serious respect for a rookie kicker.

Others on the list are two linebackers the Rams will face in week #10 at San Francisco. Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis are without a doubt two of the best linebackers in the NFL. San Francisco's punter Andy Lee also made the first team.