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Sam Bradford: A Question Without An Answer

There are few things in life more frustrating than questions without answers, and yet throughout this entire article you will hear me propose patience with Sam Bradford, who has become a perpetual question mark for the St. Louis Rams. Anyone who tells you they have made up their mind on the Oklahoma product is being dishonest in their evaluation, let's find out why...


One of the elements that I think most fans struggle with, in regards to Sam Bradford, is that it doesn't appear as though he elevates the play of the pieces around him. His bad offensive line looks terrible, and his poor receiving core looks as bad as you might expect.

Apologists will say, "what do you expect, the line is killing him, and the receivers can't get open!?", which is fair. But let's consider this, would Peyton Manning be able to win with this team? I think a reasonable person would probably say, yes. The "Bradford Haters" would then respond, "You see, that's the problem he can't make the most of what he's got around him!". Then let's consider this, the world has bore only one Peyton Manning. You could easily point to a quarterback like Matt Ryan, someone who didn't really excel until the pieces around him were upgraded, as someone who may be a better model for us to compare Bradford to. Either way, I'm afraid there are no perfect answers for anyone with their mind made up already.

Consider this TST exclusive video as evidence of talent, and why there may have be some offensive struggles outside his control...

Bradford has great accuracy, a top 10 NFL arm, and the athletic ability to move around and make plays, so why isn't it coming together, and when will we have our answers? Unfortunately, even by the end of the year we may not know the answer to all these questions.

I again would exercise patience when evaluating Bradford. Evaluating Sam is a lot like evaluating a college prospect in a lot of respects, the pieces around him are causing our evaluation to be slightly blurred. When the pieces around him have been upgraded, and he is given the opportunity to win games for a good team, we will begin to have our answers. Until then, we will have to wait and see.

Have you made up your mind yet?