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The Miami Dolphins want to make the St. Louis Rams feel at home

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The Miami Dolphins are reaching out to fans of the St. Louis Rams in an attempt to fill the stadium.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Without a doubt, the Edward Jones Dome has been a very nice place for the St. Louis Rams to play this year. In three games inside the outdated Dome, the Rams have picked up three wins. Helping things along, tens of thousands of rowdy fans, starved for winning football and going crazy with delight at the scene on the field.

Road games have been a different story for the Rams. They are 0-2 on the road this season, still seeking their first win of the year after traveling.

The Miami Dolphins want to help. Ticket sales are hard to come by in Miami these days, and the Dolphins ticket sales office is reaching out to fans, Rams fans to make the trip to south Florida.

The Rams blog over on the Fansided network received this email from the Dolphins:

I am a Group Sales Representative from the Miami Dolphins. I would like to offer my services to all Rams fans that you are associated with that would be interested in attending next weekend's match-up. I have discounted group tickets starting as low as $40 in the upper level and $80 in the lower level.

Not a mistake, no apologies issued. The Dolphins want butts in the seats. Period.

Stephen Ross lost out on Jeff Fisher to the Rams, but he'll gladly take a little scratch from Rams fans.