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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: St. Louis Rams getting a little more respect, but not enough

The St. Louis Rams are climbing up the NFL power rankings this week.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

A 3-2 record is new territory for the St. Louis Rams. It's also new territory for the people that make the NFL power rankings. Stop confusing people by winning so damn much, Rams! Ok, not really. Keep winning by confusing people, or something like that.

The Rams climbed from No. 22 to No. 20 in the SB Nation power rankings. That's a jump, but the Cardinals only fell from No. 6 to No. 9. Hmmm, the Cardinals have a good defense, but their offense was badly exposed in that game. This is not a team going places. In fact, I'm not so sure that the Rams aren't slightly better than the Cardinals. No, I know the Rams are better than the Cardinals.

20. St. Louis Rams (LW: 22, 3-2): The Rams are over .500! The Rams are over .500! The Rams are over .500!

Precedent uber alles in NFL power rankings though.

The Rams took a much bigger leap at CBS, where they were starting a little higher up the chart, at No. 18. Now, Pete Prisco has them at No. 14.

This is one of the surprise teams so far. Jeff Fisher has that defense playing some good football.

He has the Cardinals at No. 9 too. If the Rams offense can find some consistency, a big 'if', this team could really turn in some surprises this year.

Where woud you put the Rams? How would you rank the NFC West?