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Injuries testing the St. Louis Rams

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The St. Louis Rams are playing remarkable football, but injuries will test them this week.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams 17-3 beat down of the Arizona Cardinals last week came with a particularly high cost. Four players suffered injuries, including Danny Amendola, the team's top receiver. At least two of those players will be out of action for a Week 6 trip to Miami. It raises a few questions about what the team will do in the interim.

Amendola's injury is an unknown, at least in the since of how long the Rams could be without him. He could be out a month, which would be a huge break for the Rams, or he could be out until December. The impact of his injury leaves the Rams scrambling to replace his presence in the offense.

Another loss to keep an eye on is starting safety Quintin Mikell, who has a concussion. The PD says that he will be out for sure this week in Miami. Safety has been a trouble spot off and on for the Rams this season. Next in line behind Mikell is Darian Stewart, who had a good game in relief of the veteran safety this week. Behind Stewart and Dahl, the Rams have a pair of undrafted rookies, Rodney McLeod and Matt Daniels.

Finally, linebacker Mario Haggan, who has a thigh injury, and fullback Brit Miller, an ankle, are also dealing with injuries that put their status up in the air. Both play a role on special teams and are a key part of the rotations on defense and offense, respectively. Miller's loss could be especially problematic for the team's running game, depriving them of an extra blocker.

One the more unheralded aspects of the Rams this season has been their ability to deal with injuries. That strength will be tested again this week.