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Division win get the St. Louis Rams a little attention, finally

The St. Louis Rams are getting national attention after a pair of big wins.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Don't look now, but the St. Louis Rams are getting some respect from the internet's most exalted places where they were once wholly ignored. Peter King slots the Rams into his "Fine 15" section of space filler in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column at All the Rams had to do to get there was knock off the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

13. St. Louis (3-2). Used to be an easy day, playing the Rams secondary. Today? Rams are second in the league with a 66.6 defensive passer rating. That's what signing Cortland Finnegan and drafting Janoris Jenkins will do for a team.

Scroll further down the page, and you'll see that Jeff Fisher gets the nod as King's coach of the week, an accomplish that doubtlessly sent Fisher into a state of blissed out convulsions.

The culture that Fisher brought to the defense was simple: hit hard and cover like a glove, and Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins have transformed the secondary into one of the league's stingiest. Fisher has emphasized special teams, as he always did in Tennessee, while hoping the offense can eventually catch up and be competent. If you'd told me in camp this Rams team would be 3-2, I'd have been stunned. But Fisher has done a great job of getting a green team game-ready quickly.

The Rams passed two very tough tests by fighting their way to wins against a pair of division rivals, teams they haven't beaten very much in the last few years. By any measure, the season is already a success, and should only get better once players get healthy and start returning to the lineup.

Anyway, King has more on the Rams, his favorite coffee shops and Expedia reviews if you've got the time to devote.