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A look ahead at the St. Louis Rams' schedule

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The St. Louis Rams are 3-2 and have a few chances to really make things interesting in the next month.


A 3-2 record makes things far more interesting for the St. Louis Rams. The upcoming stretch of the schedule is a tough one, no matter how you parse it, but those upcoming games look a little different these days, following St. Louis' knack for a grinding defense and some revealing results from their upcoming opponents. Let's take a quick look at their next three games.

Week 6 at Miami Dolphins

Miami played a pretty good defensive game this week, picking off Andy Dalton twice, manhandling the Cincinnati offense in general. It follows from a solid outing they had against Arizona last week. The key here will be making it hard for Ryan Tannehill, Miami's rookie quarterback. This game is in Miami too.

Week 7 vs Green Bay Packers

The Colts' win headlined Sunday's games, in my opinion. Lost in the excitement of Andrew Luck's comeback win, is a very underwhelming Packers team. Aaron Rodgers and Co. could always blow up for 40 points in any quarter, but the offense has yet to score 30 points this season. Home field is once again an advantage for the Rams. The offense needs to get going to be wholly prepared for this game.

Week 8 vs New England Patriots (UK)

London calling. Jeff Fisher's secondary is the perfect weapon for today's pass-first NFL. The Rams can run with most opponents thanks to Cortland Finnegan, Janoris Jenkins and Bradley Fletcher. Still, Tom Brady and the Patriots present a tall order for any defense to contain. This will be a real test for just how far the Rams can realistically go this season.

After their trip to London, the Rams get a bye, and hopefully some of the injured return to action. Things could really interesting at that point.