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Random Ramsdom 10/5/2012: Rams Eat a Sack Lunch, But May Lose Amendola for Season

Relish in the glory of yet another St. Louis Rams victory, and peruse your morning links.

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Well that feels great doesn't it? The St. Louis Rams are 3-2 on the year with a victory over the visiting Arizona Cardinals. Here's a collection of recaps from various sources.

Arizona's Perspective

Ram's Perspective

Sando's Reaction

SI Has the Best Pic

I know I can't stop reading about the way the St. Louis defense literally destroyed Kevin Kolb. There was a point near the end of the 3rd quarter where I actually started feeling a little sorry for the guy. The Rams totaled nine sacks on the night, with a forced fumble on one, courtesy of Robert Quinn. The Ram offense did just enough to win the game last night, but the story all week will be the defense. The Cardinals became the only team in NFL history to allow 8+ sacks in back to back games, ever. Perhaps there is a team with a line worse than the Rams! All kidding aside, even though the offense under-performed, the Ram's offensive line only gave up one sack. I'll take that all day.

Amendola Is Pissed

While the Rams have cause for celebration, they also have cause for concern. Sam Bradford's number one target, Danny Amendola, is potentially lost for the season. He went down laying out for a pass which was reviewed and overturned as incomplete. They bleeped out the good parts in the video, but in light of the injury, Amendola demonstrated the passion that is driving this team now. Stay tuned right here for updates, as Amendola is due for additional testing today.

Long on the Win

In front of a rocking Edward Jones Dome, a crowd that included his Hall of Fame father, Howie, Chris Long and his fellow defense-men had one hell of a night.

Rams Star is Allowed to Walk

Steven Jackson's final year under contract was voided, which will allow him to explore the option of moving on. I am kind of at a loss for words with this one. Steven has been the cornerstone of a poor team for so long, he deserves a shot on a winning team. The Rams may be able to give that to him this year........


Wild Cards

Across town, the St. Louis Cardinals are sleeping off their celebration of winning the second wild card slot for the MLB playoffs. They will be in Atlanta tonight to face off in a win-or-you're-done single game against the Atlanta Braves. Game time is 5:00 p.m. Eastern. Kyle Lohse, who has been red hot this season, gets the call to the mound.

Sign of the Apocalypse

Peanut, peanut butter, and jelly. The all time favorite is under fire again, this time because of salmonella contamination. Leave peanut butter alone man!

Yo Momma

Just click and read, no explanation needed.

Tommy Lee Jones is One BAMF

Awesome rant by TLJ. It may not be true at all but it sure is funny.

Kevin Kolb Was Hearing This All Night Long

Thanks for the read, and GO RAMS!