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Danny Amendola injury: Rams WR might not be lost for the season

The St. Louis Rams have some further testing to do on wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Could the St. Louis Rams have dodged a bullet on an injury to the team's top wide receiver, Danny Amendola? He left Thursday's win against the Arizona Cardinals in the second quarter with a shoulder injury, and later reporters feared that he might have broken his collarbone. That might not be the case says Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch.

A broken collarbone brings different recovery times, depending on the extent of the injury. Players can be back on the field in 4-6 weeks. Saints receiver Marques Colston broke his collarbone in Week 1 last season, and rejoined his team in Week 4.

Amendola will undergo further tests on Friday. It's possible that he does not have a fractured collarbone.

If Amendola managed to avoid a fracture, the Rams could have their top receiver back on the field much sooner than four weeks, depending on the totality of the injury.

Here's the play where he hurt himself. It was ruled a dropped pass.



He goes down on it pretty hard.



We'd be pissed too.