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Rams bury the Cardinals: Pictures to prove it

The St. Louis Rams put a hurting on the Arizona Cardinals in a prime time spectacle.

I'm still beaming. It's been more than 12 hours after the St. Louis Rams brutalized the Arizona Cardinals. It was a beat down in every since of the word.

Seriously, think back to the last time you saw the Rams play a game that physical? It's been awhile. Memory fails me at the moment.

I culled some of my favorite photos from the wire services, Getty and US Presswire, for you amusement and enjoyment and wonderment. It was hard to find pictures that did not feature the Rams defense smashing Kevin Kolb into oblivion. Nine sacks. NINE SACKS. A more human, more humane human person would almost feel sorry for the guy. This might be the game that gets football banned in 18 states.

Click through the gallery, comment, share with your friends and relive the memories. This was the coming out performance for Jeff Fisher's Rams, a take-no-shit team that kicks and scratches its way to a win.

It's a beautiful thing.